• 2013
  • Jan
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Who is MotoSix?

MotoSix is what happens when motorcycle roadracers retire. Instead of hurling ourselves around at 150+MPH every weekend, we now spend our days searching for and riding only the best single-track enduro motocross trails in the secluded Colorado mountains. We find the best trails then act as your guide for either a single-day or multi-day ride.

Contact dave@motosix.com and lets get scheduled for the 2015 riding season!


Who was MotoSix?

We have raced in and around Colorado since 1997 with the MRA and served on the MRA Board of Directors in various forms for many of those years.

In addition we have raced WERA Nationals as well as AMA Nationals in Pro Thunder, AMA250 Grand Prix, and 600 Supersport — the list goes on and on. We have raced everything from Supersport to true Superbike machines, two-stroke Grand Prix machines to SuperMoto machines, and even air-cooled two-valve Ducatis that shake the ground when they roll by.